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Mariel Harrison

User Level : Ex-ÜberOULE
Colleges :

  • St Hilda's from 2007


Hilary 2008A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to RomeUlysses
Michaelmas 2008Beauty and the BeastUlric
Hilary 2009Robin Hood: Merrymen-T, Maidens and MadnessRobin Hood
Trinity 2009Lasagne! The Musical!Wicked Witch of the West
Michaelmas 2009Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged Treasure HuntersUrsula
Hilary 2010Villainy!Big Steve the Mugger
Trinity 2010The Last Cow in NowheresvilleDeputy Order
Michaelmas 2010Peter Pan The PantomimeLeprous Quinn Nibor

Flosscar Wins

2010•The “Beyond the Call of Duty” Award for Going Beyond the Call of Duty for Working tirelessly before, during and after the ball

Flosscar Nominations

2008•Best Ad-Lib for Ulysses improvising.
2010•Best Special Effect for successfully melting/moulting (Lasagne! The Musical!)
2011•The “Tom Reynolds” Award for most Spurious Accent for Deputy Lauren Order (The Last Cow in Nowheresville)
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